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Non Judgemental

Never feel judged, Banta community understands where you’re coming from and we’re willing to help you make progress.

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Booking an appointment with a traditional therapist might be stressful and take a longer time; with Banta, you get instant access to Therapists.

Don’t go through depression, hardship and emotional stress alone

Anonymously Express And Share Your Thoughts, Secrets And Feelings With a caring community.

  • Banta community listens anytime, any day
  • Therapy is available on your device
  • Seeking help is less expensive
  • Feel comfortable, your Identity is secure
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Banta is designed so you never feel alone

Do you want support with life, loneliness, anxiety, parenting, work stress, family, health, career, love, relationship, abuse, stress, depression, or you just need to vent about your problems?

We have an amazing community of experienced users and Experts (therapists) willing to listen and anonymously provide help without judging.

Banta Stories

Banta stories expands and give more insight on posts shared on the Banta app.


With Banta, you’re able to choose a plan that suites your budget, starting at just NGN1,000 ($3) Naira only.

Dedicated Expert

Work with the same licensed therapist every time unless you request a change.

Shared Love

Members of Banta have been through a whole lot, we’ve a lot of people in your shoes, and the good news is people are getting better.


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“Banta enables you to create a community of anonymous followers, who will continuously give you feedback on various aspects of your life!

“The Banta app is specifically geared at helping people make their current and past experiences known to the general public without the fear of stigmatization

“The app’s sole aim of making your current and past experiences known to the general public without the fear of stigmatization.

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  • Unlimited Messaging
  • 24/7 Support
  • Dedicated Expert
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